Increase Upsell

Quin AI generates 20% incremental revenue by increasing upsell in a month


Koctas, Kingfisher’s joint venture in Turkey, is the number one home improvement and DIY retailer in the country. From major appliance to construction goods, Koctas offers nearly 70 thousand products in 11 main categories with affordable prices and payment facilities. Koctas opened his first online store in 2005 in addition to its physical stores and currently has over 5 million monthly visitors


Istanbul, Turkey


Home Improvement and DIY

The Challenge

To increase revenue from sessions by showing offers to the right audience

Koctas wanted to improve the success of upselling offers by differentiating the abandoners from buyers and showing them relevant offers

To run different upselling offers to different audiences and eliminate technical complexities

Koctas was struggling to take real-time actions for different audience groups along their journey where they reach the high propensity to buy

To foresee the campaign cost and expected returns due to limited insights

Koctas had no access to the rich behavioral insights of the visitors to fine-tune offers


Create and differentiate audiences in real time                                       

Quin AI's tailored deep learning algorithm helped Koçtaş to differentiate 85% of buyers from cart abandoners. By improving the success rate of upselling offers, Quin generated %20 incremental revenue from sessions

Run real-time offers to buyers based on different basket value

With 90% accuracy, Koçtaş targeted high propensity buyers with different basket value in real-time to increase their basket size

Quin AI provides real-time insights for Koçtaş to quickly plan their marketing actions within budget

Real-time visitor behavior insights helped Koçtaş to optimize their marketing budget and to plan their campaigns within budget

Quin AI achieved extraordinary success with its frontier technology

Quin AI achieved extraordinary success in journey abandonment by generating up to 15% additional revenue with its frontier technology. After their success, we decided to work with them to improve the success of our upselling offers. They remarkably identified buyers and cart abandoners. They also eliminated all technical complexities that we had during the previous upselling offer process. Their great performance in both cases improved our efficiency and generated up to 20% incremental revenue

-Ebru Darip,
Chief Marketing Officer

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