Lead Generation

Quin drives 30% additional leads to customer call center with 50% lead sales success


Zuhal Music is the number 1 music instrument company in Turkey; distributing 62 leading musical instrument brands like Fender, Roland, Marshall, Kawai, Steinway & Sons, Pearl, etc. Zuhal music instrument store has a focus on experience driven sales through its 4 concept stores on top of its online sales


Istanbul, Turkey


Music Store

The Challenge

To understand the visitor behaviors on their website and identify high propensity buyers

Zuhal is a leading music instrument store with a focus on experience-driven sales through its concept stores. After covid their online sales increased significantly and they wanted to understand the user behaviors on their website. They also wanted to identify high propensity buyers and generate high quality leads to their call center to increase online sales

To replicate store sales representatives intervention in the online shop with call center assistance

At its brick and mortar stores, sales representatives are trained to observe shoppers’ behaviors and helpfully intervene when visitors need support. Zuhal Music wanted to replicate this on their online store after Covid 19 when their online sales upsurge

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Real-time deep learning models to understand the intention of each online visitor

After implementing Quin's Lead Generation module, Zuhal immediately started to benefit from Quin's real-time deep learning algorithm to understand the intention of each online visitor. Moreover, Quin enabled Zuhal to offer a call center support to high propensity buyers via pop up whenever the visitors needed assistance

Replicate physical store experience for online visitors

Quin replaced their sales representative in physical stores. Quin not only provided high propensity buyers but also included all the details about online visitor's preferences such as; interested categories, brands, price range, and features. The list has been provided to Zuhal’s call center team every 2 hours. The support team was able to assist customers with very rich information and assisted them like they were in a physical store

Quin drives 30% additional leads to customer call center with 50% lead sales success

Quin enables us to generate additional 30% high quality leads as 50% of the leads turned into paying customers. We are very happy to have Quin AI as it makes our digital transition from brick and mortar to e commerce easier and profitable

-Ali Sungurlu,

Other Use Cases

Endless possibilities with predicted user behavior