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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quin used for?

Quin is a privacy-first, real-time digital customer analytics tool. It helps you (digital businesses) understand and predict behavior of visitors on your website in real-time. This way, you can create ways to engage visitors based on their behavior. Quin can predict dozens of different user intentions and helps you create endless possible use cases. You can extend to solutions including journey abandonment, upsell, Click&Collect, sell additional services, assure price hesitant visitors, help payment hesitant visitors, or retarget, and many others. In addition to these, Quin is very simple to install, and doesn’t rely on cookies or historical data to help conversion for traffic that would otherwise drop.

How easy is it to integrate Quin?

Our integration is super easy. You only need to inject a few lines of JavaScript code to your webpage through GTM or any other tool. Quin immediately begins to collect data, learns behavioral patterns, and generates predictions. Quin also automatically triggers actions you define to correct visitors with its native tools or by activating your existing engagement techstack like chatbots and pop-up tools through our API connection.

Is Quin compliant with latest data privacy and protection regulations? 

Our technology only relies on click-stream data to predict visitors and audiences at a highly accurate level. It does not store or use any kind of personal information suchas name, location, other demographic informations, or any kind of identifiers such as cookies.We store and processes the customer click-stream data only for a limited period of time and constantly delete it. We are fully complaint to data protection policies like GDPR and personal data protection laws.

What does Quin measure exactly, what does “clickstream” include precisely?

Click-stream is the sequence of hyperlinks visitors on your website follow, saved in viewed order. We also gather information about product names, product categories and price range,and other relevant information from the website to cross reference with click-stream data and make predictions.

How does Quin function and interact with the existing tools and technologies I am using?

Quin is one-of-a-kind analytics solution with barely any alternatives. It empowers you to maximizethe impact of your existing workflows. We create new opportunities to utilize your existing tools and technologies to provide your customers more personal, and reliable services that were not possible before while making significant growth in your business metrics, fully automated, and at an affordable price.

Pricing is done based on number of events. What's an event exactly?

Events are actions takenby visitors during their visit to the website such as page view, clicks,writing comments, or redeeming coupons.

What makes Quin so special and different from every tool in the market?

We understand that human behavior is complex and diverse! Rule-based systems and traditional machine-learning solutions over-simplify digital interactions, and so they ignore a large number of visitors coming to your website with different intentions, and expectations.They also heavily rely on historic data and cookies that put privacy and security of your visitors at risk. Quin enables every digital business to automatically create real-time engagement with visitors and achieve incremental revenue jumps at an affordable price, with no reliance on historic data, and with a very simple to use experience for anyone in your team.