Predictive and adaptive ML 

Quin predicts the behavior of each visitor and triggers responses less than 70 ms

Maps your customer's mind

Quin learns all the interactions between your visitors and the website. Our bespoke algorithm utilizes clickstream data, product information, prices, duration between events, and all other related information to construct a giant mind map of visitors.

Generates audience for you

Quin understands the intention of visitors immediately and calculates their propensity to perform a certain action in every step of each visitor. Quin’s real-time machine learning architecture can handle each request with under 70ms response time


Continuously adapts to any change (price, product, interaction, etc.) on your website
Real-time algorithms to predict each visitor's intention to trigger actions less than 70 ms
Strong performance with high accuracy

Other Features

Endless possibilities with In Session, click stream processing, and automated machine learning