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Easy, accessible and privacy
safe ML to predict user behavior

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Real-time decisions upon predicted user behavior, <70 ms for reaction

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Run data and ML models in real-time at a fraction of cost with privacy compliance

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Plug Quin AI, it will continuously learn and generate value in 2 weeks  

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“Achieved extraordinary success“

They remarkably identified buyers and cart abandoners.Their great performance in both cases improved our efficiency and generated up to 20% incremental revenue. They also eliminated all technical complexities that we had during the previous upselling offer process.

Ebru Darip
CMO, Koçtaş

“E-commerce easier and profitable”

We generated 30% additional high-quality leads. 50% of the leads turned into paying customers.

Ali Sungurlu
CEO, Zuhal Music

“We use Quin AI to decrease journey abandonment and the results are quite amazing!“

We created up to %15 incremental revenue and a 4-point drop-in abandonment rate in just 15 days. We are impressed with the outcomes and recommend Quin to every e-commerce business  to grow their sales and engagement!

Melisa Çakır
Ecommerce Director, Decathlon



Nominated as AI Solutions of the Year 2021