Don't lose 80% of your website traffic. QUIN reacts to visitors needs in real-time boosting website revenue by an average of 30%

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Our Audience EngineTM understands real customers, their needs and their intentions

Our Audience EngineTM img understands real customers, imgtheir needs and their intentions

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The Challenges You Face

Customer Personalisation is challenging

65% of first-time visitors search for relevant brand engagement and offers

Not quick enough engaging customers

52% of marketers can't harness marketing technology trends due to MarTech stack integration challenges

High customer acquisition costs

79% of marketing leaders say they’re concerned with their team’s ability to properly govern data and comply with customers preferences

Case STudies

The companies we've helped fuel

"We saw instant results, QUIN rapidly changed the way we observe and engage customers"

conv. rate

“We optimized and personalized our campaigns with Quin, which provided more efficient campaign management”

up to
inc. revenue

"We use Quin AI to decrease journey abandonment and the results are quite amazing!“

6 Point
drop at abandonment rate

up to
inc. revenue in 15 days








Real-Time Predictive


Personalised Responses

How our Audience
Engine Works

We fuel the engine with real-time, behavioural customer data (human and machine) and we deliver targeted actionable insights and the strongest possible conversion

the team

We are experts
at innovation

Quin AI was co-founded by sisters Gonca and Gulsah who brought together a team of experts in data science, engineering, innovation and business

Daniel Rawles

Ali Sheik

Daniel Rawles

Gülşah Gulser

Daniel Rawles

Gonca Gulser

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Infinite opportunities

Using QUIN, Possibilities to creatively engage your audiences and think of personalized opportunities are limitless

QUIN algorithmic learning period

QUIN’s Audience Engine™ Algorithm learns about every behaviour to generate your predictive audiences
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Human Learning
is what we do

QUIN's Audience Engine™ looks into the interactions and engagement of every visitor on your website in real-time, and utilises advanced machine learning to generate actionable insights, and multiply conversion rates significantly
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We offer transparent and predictable pricing which scales up or down depending on monthly website traffic. We charge you based on the total pageviews and events we process per month. Our event processing costs will drop as your business grows when reaching a higher traffic threshold.

Our price includes:

  • Data hosting & processing.
  • 2x predictive audiences.
  • Monitoring, optimisation & reporting.
  • Unlimited personalised triggers/actions.
  • Training, support and maintenance.
  • Ongoing updates and enhancements.
30 days free trial to prove the value
Start for free. Plug QUIN Audience Engine and see the results in 15 days.
Plans designed to grow with your business
Our pricing is done transparently based on the events that our product processes on your website.
Maintenance, support and improvements included
No additional fees for tuning, improvements, maintenance. 8-12 hrs dedicated training and support per months

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Our team is always present to support you, we position ourselves as your growth partner. Share your information with us to learn about demo opportunities and to get a pricing quote and start your 30 days FREE TRIAL

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Your questions answered

What does an audience engine do?


QUIN Audience Engine looks deep into the real-time behaviour of customers to understand and influence outcomes. That means increased conversion, reduced drop-off, and more profit and engagement. It also means constantly learning about diverse customer behaviours (price hesitant, payment hesitant, window shoppers, click-&-collect, etc), delivering insights, and triggering actions. The application of the QUIN Audience Engine allows for dynamic, exponential, short and long-term growth for your e-commerce business.  Our technology is always evolving, and our growth is symbiotic with that of our customers'. We are not simply a plug and play software solution. We are a dynamic, growth partner.

Is my e-commerce website eligible to benefit from QUIN?


QUIN can significantly increase the growth on any B2C ecommerce website on web or mobile, or marketplace with a traffic above 250'000 visitors per month. This is because our deep learning model works best if there is a certain size of traffic on the website in order to establish predictions on visitor behaviors. QUIN can also boost growth on B2B ecommerce websites with traffic above 1 million visitors per month. Integration support for Mobile Applications is also a feature that will be added over the upcoming months.

How easy is it to integrate and see the results?


QUIN is super simple to start and you can see the result very fast. You only need to inject a few lines of JavaScript code to your webpage through GTM or any other tool. No IT related process is needed. QUIN immediately begins to collect data, learns behavioral patterns in 3-7 days, and starts generating predictions for each and every visitor. QUIN also can automatically triggers actions and you will be able to see the results in just in 15 days.  

Is Quin compliant with latest data privacy and protection regulations?


Our technology puts user privacy at the highest level of standards and our deep learning model is ethical by design. Our technology only relies on click-stream data and does not need demographic, personal, or historic data to significantly elevate how you predict and engage visitors to grow your business. We store and processes the customer click-stream data only for a limited period of time and constantly delete it, and our technology is fully complaint to data protection policies like GDPR and personal data protection laws.

What does Quin measure exactly, what does “clickstream” include precisely?


Click-stream is the sequence of hyperlinks visitors on your website follow, saved in viewed order. We also gather information about product names, product categories and price range, and other relevant information from the website to cross reference with click-stream data and make predictions. Bringing together these different data points about visitors behavior on your website, gives us a highly accurate estimation on possible actions visitors may take.

How does Quin interact with the existing tools and technologies I am using?


Quin is one-of-a-kind analytics solution with barely any alternatives. It empowers you to maximize the impact of your existing technologies. QUIN extends the capabilities of your technologies by leveraging first party data. We create new opportunities to utilize your existing tools and technologies to provide your customers more personal, and reliable services that were not possible before while making significant growth in your business metrics, fully automated, and at an affordable price.

How does Quin’s pricing work?


Our pricing is done transparently based on the events that our product processes on your website. "Events" are actions that visitors take during their visit to the website such as page view, clicks, writing comments, or redeeming coupons. Currently we are offering an early adopter discount to the innovative businesses utilizing QUIN to grow their revenue. Our team will support you with any questions that you may have about the pricing model of QUIN.

What makes Quin so special and different from every tool in the market?


Understanding data is complex. Gaining insight from that understanding is hard too.  Knowing what to do with that insight adds even more complexity. And by the time you turn insight into a deliverable action, it could be too late, especially for a real-time, online customer.  QUIN Audience Engine does all of that for you, immediately. Like all marketeers, you will have sales targets to hit, and QUIN could be the most affordable and measurable marketing tool you have ever used to achieve and out-perform those targets. It has been designed to think like you, as a marketeer, but at almost impossible speeds.  We understand that human behavior is complex and diverse! With QUIN you don't rely on generalised user data but you you will have precise data on how YOUR customers interact with YOUR website. Rule-based systems and traditional machine-learning solutions over-simplify digital interactions, and so they ignore a large number of visitors coming to your website with different intentions, and expectations. They also heavily rely on historic data and cookies that put privacy and security of your visitors at risk. Quin enables every digital business to automatically create real-time engagement with visitors and achieve incremental revenue jumps at an affordable price, with no reliance on historic data, and with a very simple to use experience for anyone in your team.

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