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June 26, 2023
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The painful truths of eCommerce against a future with AI

Image: If you’ve ever worked in e-commerce, you’ll know just how the high’s and low’s feel (and the in-between’s)!

Pain and pleasure. These are the highs and lows of running an eCommerce business. Life is sweet when carts are full, and conversion is high. Often brought on by seasonal sale speaks, or offers and events.

But life can be painful and distressing when visitor numbers are low, carts are empty, or worse, abandoned, and sales metrics are disappointing.

We don’t want to add to your pain, but industry wide, E-commerce companies are losing upto 30% of their revenue due to lack of engagement with their customers.

And if that wasn’t painful enough, eCommerce business managers have to manage an average of about 40 software license subscriptions, and then integrate those systems.

They have to interpret masses of customer data. Then interpret that data into insights. They have to develop and trial new ranges, offers and promotions. And then deliver against increasing sales and profit targets.

The pressures take their toll. The stresses cause headaches.
This is where pain relief is required, and our Quin AI Audience Engine can relieve that pain.
In fact, it can relieve a variety of different types of pain that occur in e-commerce businesses.

Quin AI removes the pain of subscriptions, licenses, software management and

The average business has around fifty software licence subscriptions. It’s a nightmare. Andno one wants the job of managing them all. When you put Quin AI at the heart of your stackit acts as a centralised, integrative data-management tool. Not only does our systemintegrate and extrapolate data, but it identifies what’s not working for you. Streamliningyour operation and creating greater business efficiency.

Quin AI removes the pain of interpreting masses of customer data and finding valuable insight.

Businesses now create and manage so much data, it is almost impossible to manually (withreal, live human beings) interpret and gather valuable insight. Once you let the data flowinto the Quin AI Audience Engine, you’ll start seeing what’s really happening with yourcustomers, and what actionable truths are hidden within.

Quin AI removes the pain of innovating your e-commerce platform and evolving inventory or trialling new incentives.

There’s a difference between what you sell and how you sell. Retail, online or offline, is filled with risk, because consumer demands, habits and fashions change over time. This creates anxieties about product lines and inventory. We can help you with that. Using every data set at our disposal, we can deliver insights not only about your business, but about your customers, your market, and the associated trends. All of this can inform how you keep your stock and inventory fresh, as well as allowing you to take calculated risks with innovative incentives to motivate customers.

Quin AI removes the pain of hitting ever increasing targets and profitability.,

The problem with success, is it’s expected to continue. E-commerce businesses see seasonalpeaks and troughs, but the most desirable thing is an exponential upward curve of sales. Wecall our system an Audience Engine because it helps accelerate growth. The more it is fuelledwith data, the more efficient it is at delivering results. So, we don’t just help you succeed inthe short term, we create an upwards conversion trajectory. And you can observe theincreased sales metrics through our real-time, interactive dashboard.Like all good pain relief adverts, here’s where we explain the science behind the medicine…

So, how does our AI Audience Engine work?

Well, as you’d expect, it’s very complex and very technical. But it’s very easy to explain thedifference between what we do, and what other e-commerce technology platforms do.Most technologies in this field use historical data to predict future events. And sometimes itworks, but it’s a general approach. This is a reactive way to learn and adapt.

Quin AI Audience Engine is a proactive technology. It analyses and interprets data in real-time (nanoseconds) to incentivise a customer as they shop. It knows ‘what this individualwants and likes’ and responds in a unique way.

Other technologies assume ‘this is what people like this usually want’ and responds in a general way.

This is why older analogue e-commerce platforms fail to deliver significant increases and conversions.
With Quin AI, we see increases of up to 30% in comparison.

So, how does less pain and more pleasure sound?
Good? We’re ready to administer whenever you are, just give us a call.

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