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May 5, 2023
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Quin AI sees rarities in human behavior to trigger conversion incentives

When a sale happens, it starts in the brain cells.

Electrical impulses between neurons become aware of explicit and implicit data from external stimuli. The neurons, combined in clusters, and controlled in regions with differing responsibilities, evaluate and interpret that data. And the collective ‘mind’ that is made possible by these cells, is able to process, using logic and reason, in combination with emotion and feelings, to make an informed decision.

Yes folks, a sale happens in a human, not on a computer.

That’s why we utilize Human Learning, alongside Deep Learning (AI), to predict and persuade the optimal customer behaviour. That is to say, the right purchase for them and the right sale for you.

The Quin AI Audience Engine finds the behavioural rarities that exist in each individual shopper that visits your e-commerce site, and translates that data into actionable insights with which to deliver an optimized incentive to encourage conversion.

It is through the combination of Deep Learning, and human learning, that we’ve been able to build a sophisticated, combined learning algorithm to see the truths that lie hidden in most data sets. We call these ‘rarities’, and they are indicators of the openness each visitor has to specific incentives.

Once you truly understand the rarities in each visitor, you can persuade them to convert at much higher rates than most e-commerce businesses are used too.

Some of our customers have had to ask us to reduce our volume engagement due to reduced inventory. When our customers start to sell out, we know we’re doing something right!

Get in touch if you’d like to see our Audience Engine in action. Maybe stock up first.

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