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June 26, 2023

Sisters are doing it for themselves.

Sisters are doing it for themselves.
Gulsah Gulser


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Image: Quin AI Founders Gonca Gulser and Gulsah (Gigi) Gulser, definitely not your usual ‘Tech Bro’s’!

It was international women’s day recently. And we’re international female founders. So, it feels like a good time to tell the world a bit about us, and a little bit about our business and why we started it.

To begin with we’re sisters. Very close but very different. One of us is a passionate data scientist, the other an experienced management consultant. One builds cool software, the other builds successful companies. You can see why this might just work!

We’d love to say that as little girls, growing up in Turkey, we hatched a brilliant plan to change the world through advanced technology in consumer behaviour. But we didn’t. Our business emerged as a result of us following our passions and learning from the lessons we learned and the mistakes we made on our paths through life. Isn’t that the truth of almost every entrepreneurial start-up?

To understand our business, and the way we run it, it’s important to understand our values. What we do (our product) is important, but the way we do it (run our business) is just as important to us. And perhaps the easiest term to explain that is we have family values. Or if you want to use a more professional term, we’re ethical-by-design. Why does that matter to our e-commerce business customers?

Well, first of all, customers are not just sales opportunities, they’re real human beings, with feelings, and biases, and personalities, and problems to solve.

Our ‘human learning’ algorithm sees the human behind the machine data (we also use real- time clickstream data) and analyses that data to deliver optimal incentives for that customer.

That doesn’t mean throwing discounts at people through random pop-ups. It means taking a much more considered and sophisticated approach to acquiring, retaining, and satisfying customers. Which actually improves short-term and long-term business value.

We have developed a sophisticated suite of incentives in relation to particular ‘rarities’ (that’s the behavioural truths we find in an individual’s activity) to deliver for our customers. We call these incentives ‘Persuasion Triggers’, and we work with customers to build those triggers ready for deployment.

The other reason our ethical-by-design approach matters is that we believe in developing long term relationships with our client partners. What matters to us is sustainable growth, not quick spikes of profit. And although we deliver rapid results, our AI system is at its best when it learns over time and constantly optimizes incentives through increasing behavioural analysis.

E-commerce is a fast moving business. But it can also be a sustainable business. And the Quin AI Audience Engine is built to last. It is both a robust and elegant machine, as is our business. Our founders built it that way!

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